Challenge the Challenge

December 19, 2016 by Nikolai Galle

Use when you want to encourage, build, and grow a culture that questions the way things are.

Think Right
Accept challenge as given.

Think Wrong
Push back and challenge.


  • Multiple entry points for addressing a challenge or opportunity that matters to you and your people
  • Identification of the people that you wish to serve



Step 1
Introduce the Challenge the Challenge Drill.

Step 2
Based Deflection Point Drill (see 17 Nov 16 Free Brains) and Moonshoot Drills (see 22 Nov 16 Free Brains), have Wrong Thinkers reframe the challenge statement to reflect the greatest impact they might hope to have.

Step 3
Ask each team to share their new challenge statement with the group.

Invite teams to edit, hack, or toss the existing challenge statement and start again.


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