Hello, we’re Solve Next.

Our “Why.”
We’re optimists. We believe in better. And we believe your next should be better than your now.

We’re a firm founded on the premise that we can help make our clients’ lives better—as well as the lives of the people who matter most to them.

Our “How.”
We believe in the power of simple and straightforward language, frameworks, tools, and techniques to deliver positive impact at key moments. We spend our time thinking about, making, sharing, and teaching people how to use those—so that they have the ability to imagine, build, run, and grow their next—with our help. And then without it.

Our “What.”
We deliver Solve Next Tools, Services, and Training—to help you implement a unified process for innovating your next—from imagining, incubating, accelerating, operating, growing, and elevating your next. And we help you apply our Think Wrong Problem-Solving System at critical moments in that process.

We like…
To see individuals and organizations use Solve Next and Think Wrong in ways we had never imagined—because it inspires our next!

To see Solve Next and Think Wrong being used as a force for good—creating positive social, economic, and environmental impact.

To live in places we love—it’s why we’re co-headquartered on the California Coast in Half Moon Bay and Oregon’s Cascade Mountains in Bend.

We wish…
We were infinitely scalable so that we could reach and teach even more people how to Solve Next and Think Wrong.

To be better—we strive everyday to be better at everything we do.

We wonder…
What next thing we will learn tomorrow—and what that will inspire.

Who we are.
We’re not big on titles. It’s about what each of us brings to the table, having a deep-rooted passion, and our what it takes attitude—to help our clients achieve the best next possible

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Find us

Oregon Office
1001 SW Emkay Drive
Bend, OR 97702
California Office
432 Main Street
Half Moon Bay, CA 94019

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