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Take your innovation skills to the next level.

Upcoming Public Master Classes

3-day Think Wrong & Solve Next Intensive Class

Join an eager and diverse group of self-selecting innovators from global businesses, start-ups, the military, and education.

Day 1: Problem Finding + Solution Seeking
Day 2: Think Wrong Facilitation
Day 3: Solution Management + Decision Making and Metrics

In addition, students receive:

  • Wrong Thinker certification on LinkedIn

  • Membership in a network of Certified Wrong Thinkers

  • Discount on annual Think Wrong Lab Membership

  • On going Think Wrong conditioning

  • Nutritious breakfasts, lunches, and snacks.

3 Days (8:30am–6:30pm each day)

The Think Wrong Studio in Half Moon Bay, CA USA and select hosted locations throughout the year.

Military Community Scholarships
Learn about our commitment to those who serve.

November 13-15, 2018





February 26-28, 2019




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If you need help selecting the right training, have a group of four or more, would like to bundle classes, or just want to learn more about your training opportunities, please contact Kim Scales.

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Who our classes are for.

Imagining, building, and operating what’s next is a team sport. No one role is more important than the other. Learning a common language, frameworks, tools, and techniques makes it possible to achieve together things that none of us can accomplish alone.

Shepherds. Those of us who create environments and cultures conducive to innovation and positive change. 

Outlaws. Those of us who reject the status quo, forge bold new paths, shake things up, and invent what’s next. 

Scouts. Those of us who help Outlaws navigate the obstacles, and find valuable resources, so that they can invent what’s next—with our guidance.

Sheriffs. Those of us who ensure that things run as smoothly as they possibly can—whether that’s operating what is, or inventing what’s next.

Posses. Those of us who get things done, dig deep and become experts, and protect our organizations and communities from unnecessary disruption—today and tomorrow.Who our classes are for.

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