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Basic Supplies

Always have these supplies on hand so you are prepared to run a Think Wrong Drill or two at the drop of a hat—or run a full Think Wrong Blitz.

ScotchBlue Original Painter's ...
Available: 8

An essential tool. Tear off 4-5 3" strips per Think Wrong Poster you will use before you get started. Put strips on the wall near each team’s work area.

Use it for the Deflection Point and Wedge Drills to create spaces to interact with.

2-3 rolls if you are running a Think Wrong Blitz.

Post-it Greener Notes, America...
Available: 51

Another essential.

Better to have too many than not enough. 1-3 packs per team of 5, depending on number of drills you will run.

Sharpie 1884739 Permanent Mark...
Available: 0

Insist that your Wrong Thinkers use Sharpies to write on their Post-its. It makes it easier for their teammates to see and riff off of. And for you to read when preparing a report.

1 box for up to 36 Wrong Thinkers.

Paper Mate Flair Felt Tip Pens...
Available: 69

Help your note takers out.

Provide 1 box for up to 12 Wrong Thinkers.

Avery Permanent Color Coding L...
Available: 38

Use dot voting to select the most compelling output from Think Wrong Drills. Save time by pre-cutting your dots into strips of three before you start.

1 box is good for about 33 drills by a team of 5.

Polar Ice PIJS040200 Jello Sho...
Available: 2

Help your teams keep track of their dots.

1 pack for up to 40 teams.

Hammermill Paper, Great White ...
Available: 2

Keep a ream of 8.5" x 11" (or A4) paper handy. Or leave a stack of 25-50 sheets with each team.

1 ream per 20 teams.

Avery Repositionable Address L...
Available: 36

Keep it straight. Print out your labels to keep team and group posters in order.

Pro tip: Use repositionable labels to keep things running smoothly. 1 box per 3000 posters.

Scotch Sure Start Shipping Tap...
Available: 60

We always order a roll of packing tape when we are running a Think Wrong Blitz offsite so we can send supplies back to the lab or our client's offices.

1 roll per Blitz.

Sharpie 1884739 Permanent Mark...
Available: 9

Be Bold. We use magnum Sharpies when introducing our Think Wrong Framework. Great for making big statements.

Gaffers Tape - 2 Inch by 40 Ya...
Available: 1

Don’t trip. Gaffers tape is always handy for set up with AV equipment—keep your Wrong Thinkers and electronics safe!

Drill Supplies

Exploration, experimentation, discovery, and invention are forms of play. These materials are used for Think Wrong Make Stuff, Bet Small, and Flow Drills.

ArtKraft PAC67004 Duo-Finish P...
Available: 37

Wrap it up. Cover tables or walls with butcher paper for Make Stuff Drills such as Draw It, La Machine, or Sketch-a-Sysytem.

1 roll per Blitz.

Duck Brand Self-Locking Mailin...
Available: 0

We give each team three boxes when we run the In A Box Drill. Then we load one of those boxes up with In A Box Goodies.

1 pack for up to 8 teams.

Loew-Cornell Simply Art Wood A...
Available: 12

Put a handful of these in one of each team’s boxes.

1 pack per In A Box Drill.

Lion Brand Yarn Lion Brand Bon...
Available: 17

String it together with the In A Box Drill.

2 bundles in one of each team’s boxes.

Tosnail Wooden Blocks - 65 Pc ...
Available: 0

Build outside the box. Put a handful of these in one of each team’s boxes.

1 set per In A Box Drill.

Loew-Cornell Simply Art Wood C...
Available: 0

Think of them as lumber. Put a handful of these in one of each team’s boxes.

1 box will give you enough sticks for 8 to 10 rounds of In A Box Drills.

ALEX Toys Craft Giant Pipe Cle...
Available: 0

These bendy creatures are terrific prototyping tools. Use them to bring any object or construction to life. Put a handful of these in one of each team’s boxes.

1 box per In A Box Drill.

Stanley Glue Shot Dual Melt Hi...
Available: 8

Make it stick. This item is the US version. It will blow up if you plug it in to a 220V socket. Don't do it. Trust us!

1 per team.

Stanley GS20DT Dual Temperatur...
Available: 42

There is no stick without this stick.

Put 3-5 in one of each team's boxes.

Elmer's All Purpose School Glu...
Available: 0

Don’t like it hot? Use glue sticks to secure light weight craft items

3 sticks for each team's box.

EPIX3627 - Delux X-ACTO Knife ...
Available: 22

Hack the box! These are perfect for cutting cardboard and foam core. But careful. They are dangerously sharp.

1 per team.

Sharpie Permanent Markers, Chi...
Available: 83

Bring it to life. Add these to the In A Box Drill, or leave them out for Draw It and other Make Stuff Drills.

1 pack per team.

Advanced Photo Paper, Glossy, ...
Available: 0

Shoot and print. Print out your Truth + Truth Drill photos, snapshots from Get Out, and images for Make Stuff Drills.

1 pack per Think Wrong event.

PAVILIA Kraft Paper Lunch Bags...
Available: 9

It’s in the bag. Gather inspiration from Get Out drills, distribute new starting places for Let Go Drills, and keep Blitz ideas contained.

1 pack per Blitz

Basic Equipment

Always have these supplies on hand so you are prepared to run a Think Wrong Drill or two at the drop of a hat—or run a full Think Wrong Blitz.

Canon PowerShot G7 X Digital C...
Available: 0

Don’t miss a thing. Capture Wrong Thinkers in action and photo document the output generated from each drill.

PNY Elite Performance 64GB Fla...
Available: 0

Always remember your memory. Use with any digital camera to make sure you record all Think Wrong Drill action and output.

Targus Pro Series 3-Way Panhea...
Available: 0

Get it straight. Avoid camera-shake when filming drill presentations, or capturing the Blitz experience.

Zoom H4N PRO Digital Multitrac...
Available: 0

Get the best quality sound when ideas are presented, and Wrong Thinkers provide feedback.

Transcend 32GB SDHC Class 10 U...
Available: 5

Hear me out. Use with a digital audio recorder for supreme sound quality while recording your Think Wrong session.

Canon MG6820 Wireless All-In-O...
Available: 7

Print out inspiration for Let Go and Make Stuff Drills as Wrong Thinkers bring their ideas to life.

Canon CLI-271 Ink Pack for, MG...
Available: 36

Ink Wrong. Make sure you’re loaded up on ink for your printers so Wrong Thinkers may print anything they imagine.

Think Wrong Space

The environment you create should signal that this is not business as usual. Use these simple materials help to transform any space into a Think Wrong Space.

1/2" Foam Core White 48" x 96"...
Available: 0

No wall space? No problem. We often use sheets of foam core for teams to work on.

1 pack for up to 12 teams depending on the number of drills you run

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