About Solve Next

We work with people who want to change things.

We help these change makers break biological and cultural biases, bust through the status quo, and solve for what’s next.

These leaders use our Think Wrong collaboration tools to harness the super-intelligence of diverse human teams to solve difficult problems, find new opportunities, and make better decisions.

About Us

About Think Wrong

Think Wrong is our radical problem-solving system that helps you overcome the orthodoxies, biases and assumptions of the status quo and delivers the insights and killer solutions for what’s next.

All of us find ourselves on the predictable path of how things have been, how things are and how they will be. This status quo is forged by the synaptic connections in our brains and our culture.

But, if you dare to look beyond the status quo, to imagine different outcomes than the one the predictable path leads to. You need to forge a bold path.

Our Think Wrong Practices empower you to blaze your own bold path when it matters most—and to resist the biological and cultural forces trying to snap you back to business as usual. 

It’s time to think wrong.

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How we work

We work with customers across the globe through our cloud-based Think Wrong lab, classes, and workshops.


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Success Stories

Learn more about why and how organizations like yours have thought wrong to transform what is—and invent what’s next.

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